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Thread: new rod for new spey caster

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    Well, yesterday afternoon fishing my 11' 8 weight switch rod i hooked into a massive king, was 45.3" Which id big for upstate ny, and during the process he snapped my switchg rod, all i had for salmon and steel head. Now, i'm looking at the echo solo, i can get one for about 200 out the door from local flyshop, and i really don't want a SH rod. My question is, are there any other full spey rods you guys would suggest for under $230.00, i can get a greys G series for the same price. I can always get a half decent SH rod for about 150 or so. I have my Snap T, wombat cast, double spey down, and im working on my parry polk. Any suggestions would be great

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    I cast the Cabelas switch rod and liked it. Maybe they have a longer spey rod. I like the look of the Echo better.

    What kind of line are you using? If you're using a Scandi line I would buy a spey rod with a softer tip.

    Also, if you're using one of the new "Short" lines, you'll have to stay with a shorter spey rod, unless there's some sort of tip
    you can attach to it to match the length of your rod.

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    I'd recommend looking at the used market. I had a $300 budget and I ended up getting a much, much nicer setup from a guy on speypages than I would have had I bought new (Redington CPX, Guideline reel and line). If you're opposed to that idea, I've read great things about the new Echo Solo. I've also heard the LLBean 2hander is a great rod, and they are only $190 ($300 with reel and line... but the reel doesn't have the greatest reviews). Your options are pretty limited if your budget is under about $350, as I'm sure you know. Cabelas was having a really good sale recently that included all their two hand rods, but I'm not sure if that's still going on. Check the bargain basement on their website. The LSi is supposed to be pretty good, but many reviews of the traditional said it was a very poor rod.

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    Hi Jeremy,

    I have been using the LL Bean 8/9 for three seasons now. I haven't cast any other rod so I will not tell you they are great casters but you can definitely make it work. Fish get big here and waters wild so I don't think the rod will snap while landing a fish. Something happened right at the moment your rod broke, I don't know what but unless there is a manufactures flaw in the rod an 8 should land a king. What weight leader were you using?


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    i was using drennan 8lb tippet, with a 11' versileader. I think, i'm going to take a swing at building a spey rod. I have a buddy that'll make me some grips at a decent price, and he just used an anglers roost 13' 9 weight for a rod build and he said its as decent as the batson spey blanks just half the cost. i'd probably use some SIC strippers with double foot snake guides, and i'd be into the rod for under $180.00. St croix is blowing me off so i'll never purchase anything from them again. Since they've become a big box store supplier their CS has gone down it seems. I'm having shoulder surgery and i'll be out for 6 weeks so it's perfect timing to do it.

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    I had a St. Croix casting rod catastrophically explode setting the hook on a steelhead a few years back. I'd gotten a few good years out of the rod, but it was out of their 5-year warranty by literally 2-3 months and they wouldn't touch it. It was a nice rod, but most rod makers these days would likely replace the rod.

    I once had Lamiglas replace the top half of a rod for me, free of charge just for coming in. They'd told me it'd be $85 and then told me not to worry about it when I got there. The way it should be

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    The imperiald have a life time warranty. I'm not the biggest fan of the imperial switc for salmon it seems a tad bit fast in my opinion. I've heard good things about the anglers roost blanks, and heck for a first rod build i don't wanna take out a loan to fund. at $40.00 for a lower modulous 13' 9 weight blank with $25.00 into reel seat $50 into grips and $30.00 into guides it's a good opprotunity, i've read reviews and they all say they're great blanks. Plus here in pulaski where i fish it's nice to have a custom rod if someone steals it. With my tax returns i'll probably buy a TFO but i like the echos more.

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