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    I live in the upper-midwest, and I am thinking about getting a spey rod to target smallmouth bass and pike (and just mess around with). Currently, I'm looking at purchasing an Angler's Roost 13ft 7/8. The rod seems to meet my criteria - it gets good reviews and is inexpensive ($109). I did have a couple of questions. Would this be a decent rod for my needs? What kind of line would be an appropriate match for this rod? Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    Default Re: Newbie seeks advice

    Hey I do that....and I'm in the upper midwest! What did you have in mind for where to do it at? Bigger water, smaller etc. I use 15' rods and can toss a pretty big fly with them. I have caught some pretty big Pike with spey rods. It's a fun way to do it. Same with the Smallies.

    Have you ever cast a spey rod? If not I learned from you tube and can tell you how I did it. I can also tell you which videos are helpful. As for that rod it sounds like a good price for a starter rod. I like long but just because I'm on really big water. In spey rods, bigger = farther. By the way, I even Walleye fish with them. Find out from the maker what the grain window is for the rod and the I can be more helpful on what line. I am also going to look at the rod and see how the made it. Top grip length etc. That will also help in line selection.

    I almost forgot, welcome to the forum.

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    I was hoping you would reply. We have actually met. I came up there a few weeks ago with Josh. After we talked, I checked out your vidios and was inspired to give spey a shot. I did a little research online a found that Anglers Roost rods. People seem to like them and they represent a good value - I think there best rod is only $120. (Graphite Spey Rods | The Angler's Roost).

    I have no experience with spey casting. As far as my needs, I would like to be able to fish medium sized waters, both rivers and lakes for pike (smaller than the ones in your area) and bass. Of primary concern would be getting a rod that I can learn on.

    As far as line weights, I searched the Spey Clave forum and found this - Lines for Angler's Roost 13' 7/8 - Spey Pages Although, I still find this to be a little cryptic.

    Also, what about reels. Should I pick up a standard one?

    Again, any advice is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Newbie seeks advice

    Have you ever cast a spey rod? If not I learned from you tube and can tell you how I did it. I can also tell you which videos are helpful.
    I would be interested in which videos to watch!
    I have my first two-hand rod ordered and so far have not found anyone to help me get started. I live in a rural area and have no fly shops anywhere close.
    Still learning single-hand casting, but good enough at it to catch a few fish most trips to the water.

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