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    Default Range: 16-17 feet and 12/13wt

    Not sure this will fit within "saltwater" or "spey", but I'm looking for someone with experience on 16-17 feet rod that casts 12/13wt shooting head.

    I have been fly fishing surf/estuary in the past 3 years using 11 feet 7/8 switch rod and 13 feet 9/10 spey rod with Scandinavian style, but I came across many occasions in which I wish I have higher line speed and higher tip position to avoid loosing my fly to the hill on backcast. Also, I could use more kinnetic to cast fly in windy condition and lifting power to pull shooting head out of breaking wave.

    Friend suggested me 17 feet 13wt (750-775 grains) which sounds crazy, but I wonder if it's worth trying.

    Any suggestion?
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    Default Re: Range: 16-17 feet and 12/13wt

    That does sound a bit crazy but I know just the guy for you. Diver Dan where are you??? If he doesn't notice this thread shoot him a PM. He would be glad help.
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    Default Re: Range: 16-17 feet and 12/13wt

    Marco has this right, Dan is currently building a 17' rod and may have some input for you. As for the line weight sounding crazy, for a stick that big in the weight you describe 775 does not sound heavy to me. I just came home last night from casting a 13' 9" rod rated 9 weight, I used a 75' long belly weighing 770 grains and once I got my timing down the line was just about right. I was not over head casting and only needed 65 - 70 foot casts but the weight of the line only served to load up the shafts well. I figure that when we go to the bay to fish for salmon it will cast over head well, I'll try to remember this post and come back to let you know.

    Heavy lines fly farther,


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    Default Re: Range: 16-17 feet and 12/13wt

    A 17 foot 13 wt. sounds just right for Yamane and Iwana at Shalom's Forest, Hideto-san!

    I can't find anything wrong with the rod length and the line size that you mention. But, before I put down the money for such new gear, I'd be sure and give it a tryout first; if you can find this type of gear to try in one of the Tokyo fly shops.



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    Default Re: Range: 16-17 feet and 12/13wt

    > swirlchaser & Hardyreels

    Thanks for the pointer. I'll contact Dave for this subject.
    Surf is still very experimental and rod blanks keep evolving.

    I found one rod maker in Japan, K-bullet, offers 17 feet 13wt for 356 gram while Shimano offers smilar rods in 370g and 375g.
    Again, I have no idea how light the rod in this range should be.

    > Pocono

    Long time no see, Allan.
    I can surely use 17 feet 13wt in mountain creeks to catch yamame or iwana from the shockwave when the line hits the water
    Tokyo Fly Fishing & Country Club

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    Default Re: Range: 16-17 feet and 12/13wt

    Ha Ha..........yes, all you would need is that rod/line and a net; no need for a hook once the shock wave hit that small creek!

    I just received the perfect rod for small stream fishing. It's a 6'0" cane rod. Here's a link to the thread on it.

    Payne 95 Taper

    I'm definitely ready to go fishing with you again on those beautiful small streams.............I just need to find a way to get back to Japan! ...........


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    Default Re: Range: 16-17 feet and 12/13wt

    Hi Allan,

    I commented on your Paine thread.
    Wondeful choice!
    Tokyo Fly Fishing & Country Club

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