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    Default lot O steelhead flys

    I have been Cleaning out the tying room and found a bunch of steelhead and the occasional pacific salmon flys that I tied eight ish or more years ago and I'll Never use them. I would like to give them to a kid or someone just getting into steelhead fishing and needs to fill a box. They are mostly hair wing flys on a size 6 or 4 let me know if you want them If a couple people are interested you'll have to Plead your case for why you deserve them.

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    Default Re: lot O steelhead flys

    Very generous! My steelhead season is about to begin and I would definately have use for them!

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    Default Re: lot O steelhead flys

    Awesome! you are very generous for sure! I just got into fly fishing seriously last year and this is my first year going for steelies, the last few days have been amazing and have caught some big trout. I also started tying flies last year and I love tying classics, and my favorite fly is the white winged akroyd. Those flies will go to use for sure weather it is fishing for steelies or atlantic salmon!
    thanks for your time and consideration, and I would love to swap flies as I don't really like taking

    Me with a fresh chrome fish from the other night
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    Default Re: lot O steelhead flys

    Your generosity is just one of the many reasons I like you so much Allen. You truly are a good guy.

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    Default Re: lot O steelhead flys

    I can't think of anyone, as I am not in Steelhead land here, but very nice of you.

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    Default Re: lot O steelhead flys

    Three people have expressed interest so I'll send them to all three of you. I have not counted but I would guess there is at least 100 flies in the box so you all should get a decent amount. Do you guys swing a 2 hander? I found a box of my early spey's too, I can split them up and throw them in. Send me your addresses.


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    Default Re: lot O steelhead flys

    I just split up all the flys. It looks like you guys will be getting 80ish (just a guess, I'm too lazy to actually count them.) Some of them are in worse shape than I remember, some have been fished and some never looked good to begin with. hopefully they work out for you guys. feel free to strip the hooks or do whatever you want with them when they arrive. If you land a fish with them post a picture. I'll send them out at the first of the week.


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    Default Re: lot O steelhead flys

    I haven't forgot about you guys... But I also have not sent them yet. I'll make a effort to get them out soon

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