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    Default G.Loomis "FR 1388/9-3" GLX Two-Handed Rod****SwitchRod?????

    Would the G.Loomis "FR 1388/9-3" GLX Two-Handed Rod be a true Switch Rod?

    And why?

    If so I would truly appreciate any help in purchasing the proper lines, heads & leaders to allow me to cover various types of conditions.

    I would like to use the rod as a Switch Rod and be able to learn the type of casts associated, ie...The Snap-T, Traditional Spey, Scandinavian (Scandi) and Skagit (Pacific Northwest) styles of fly casting.

    Is this a pipe dream?
    Is this doable?
    Is this going to be a tough task to learn with this Rod?

    So many questions!!!

    I've been using this Rod as an overhead casting Steelhead Rod, with a WF-8 line for nymphing and dry fly, with a Teeny sink tip for streamer and nymphing & with a running line for
    PM Chuck & Duck nymphing.

    It has been an awesome Rod for a dozen years, my favorite Steehead Rod of all time by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would just love it if this turned out to be a Switch Rod Gem!!!

    Thank you anyone for any help you can give me!

    May the waters always move you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jeffo

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    Default Re: G.Loomis "FR 1388/9-3" GLX Two-Handed Rod****SwitchRod?????

    Hi Jeff,

    I don't know the Loomis line of rods so I must ask, how long is this rod? if I had your questions I would call the Loomis rod shop and talk to the folks who build them.


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    Default Re: G.Loomis "FR 1388/9-3" GLX Two-Handed Rod****SwitchRod?????

    I found this quoted on another forum, it looks as if it is a 'switch rod'. In a GLX it appears you have a great rod there.

    "Originally Posted
    I have a GLoomis GLX FR 1388/9-3 11'6" rod for sale. I bought it new and it's in excellent condition - cork is a bit colored. Used for three weeks of steelheading in Northern BC. Moved onto different rods now and this one is too good to be sitting around. This is an 8/9wt switch rod that has tons of backbone and is capable of some very long casts. I've used an 8wt dry line on it or a 5/6wt Short Delta."

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    Default Re: G.Loomis "FR 1388/9-3" GLX Two-Handed Rod****SwitchRod?????

    It will be a gem its just a matter of fiding the right lie for it. Look up Steve Godschall and see what info he can give, he may eve put together a Skandit Line built entirely around you.
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