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    Default Travel Rod Case for Switch Rod

    Do any of you guys have a suggestion for a solid travel case? I am heading on a trip in a few weeks and want to bring several rods with me. The problem is that most of the travel cases don't handle spey/switch rods very well. Mine is a 4 piece 11' switch rod if that helps narrow the options.

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    Default Re: Travel Rod Case for Switch Rod

    Sage makes a rod and reel case designed for switch rods. It is 37" long.

    Sage also makes a rod tube that is 39" long. I think that it could hold up to four rods.

    If I recall correctly, Clear Creek makes rod tubes and rod/reel cases for Spey and Switch lengths.


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    Default Re: Travel Rod Case for Switch Rod

    Another option is just make yourself one out of heavy walled PVC pipe. (Schedule 80?) Figure out what diameter you need to hold the rods (in cloth bags) and get something slightly larger.

    Glue a solid end cap on one end and a screw fitting/matching cap for the other. Most 'Big Box' hardware stores should carry all the bits and pieces.

    Edit: For a handle you can easily make one out of duct tape. Due to the round nature of the PVC is pretty hard to find a regular drawer handle that will have a curved bottom (screws could also end up damaging the rods if they penetrate the pipe).
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    Long string fed through holes so you can pull 8" rope with knots on one end. then run the rope through a piece of 3/4" plastic tube. Now you have a handle that won't be sticking out but will fold over to get out of the way. If you are stuck on a metal handle pop rivets are better than screws they just won't last very long with rough handling... Hope this helps,


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