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Thread: loop 13' 2"

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    New here...hello to all. New to two-hand rods.

    Anyone own the 3 pc. Loop adventure 13' 2" 9wt? Black blank, black wraps.

    I am mostly into Skagit style but don't like too soft a rod. Want one with a fast recovering tip.

    How's this one measure up?

    Looking to use this or something similar for a second/backup or winter rod. something with enough backbone to handle 25#+ chinook.

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    Good morning again Mac. Noooooo expert (hell, even less than that) on Loop rods but they made very little in-way (sales wise) in the US. Save for centeral/eastern Canada pretty much the same thing.

    Your asking about the 'adventure' 13' 2" two hander, but weren't the adventure series one hander rods?

    Remember from way back in the day, it appeared to be somewhat of a 'love-hate' relationship with the rods.
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    thanks for the response...

    Well, there's one matching my description for sale on 'Selma Junkoff's Emporium' (sic) and it's listed as an "adventure."

    Friend of mine has a Loop 12'6" for a 9, I think and I was really impressed by the way power was transmitted into the butt without the rod feeling mushy. Even as a neophyte two-handed caster (been casting one-handed for many years) I was impressed at how well it handled for me.

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