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  1. Default First post here, would like some switch rod advice

    Hey all, first post on this forum, and I'm looking to expand my arsenal with a switch rod. I've spent the last several weeks researching it to death and haven't come to any conclusions as far as what rod or line to buy. I have already bought a Redington Rise 9/10 reel for this rig since it was on clearance. I have also been going back and forth on building a rod such as a Rainshadow kit since my buddy has most of the equipment to do so and his dad can help me along the way since he has decent rod-building experience. I have also been considering rods like the Echo SR, Redington CPX, and TFO Deer Creek. Does anyone have any experience with a Wild Water HX switch? stumbled across it in my research and they seem to have a very good warranty and customer service but the only beef with that rod is the 9" top grip. I'm leaning towards a 7 weight. It will be used on most of the lakes I fish which include bass, large trout, pike, and carp and will also be my AK rod. For the most part I plan on throwing heavy flies (think lead, tungsten, and rabbit). Am I headed in the right direction going for a switch rod? I see a lot more about using switches for nymphing and swinging. Ideally I'd like to stay around $320 ish, I am still in college after all. Sorry for the long post, and any suggestions/advice is much appreciated!

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    Default Re: First post here, would like some switch rod advice


    I don't have anything shorter than a 13' when we talk long rods so I can't offer specific Switch advice. Based or what you say you are going to cast I would think you'll want to get into something that will use a fairly heavy head. By heavy I'm talking 550 grains or more. The heavier the line, the bigger the load it will project with less effort from you. I seldom use fur strip flies but when I do I find that they match up well with a 40' 720 grain short head line Ii got last year.

    There will be some fellow Switch guys who will spot this and give you more specialized advice than I can but I figured you should get an answer so...........

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