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    Default Re: First switch rod - line assistance

    Thanks for the post klunker. Congratulations on the rod, that one sure is a beauty both to look at an also to cast. I'm envious!

    I absolutely agree with HuronRiverDan's sentiment. Take a casting lesson with it and use some of your instructor's guides to get a feel for what you think works best. That alone is almost worth the price of the instruction because lines aren't cheap.

    The charts I posted earlier in the thread are helpful but by no means the be all end all for line selection. Get to know the rod's grain window and factor in the types of flies you intend to fish with. There are several thorough reviews on this line that I've read so that might give you something to think about as well.
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    a good resource for matching spey/switch rods to lines can be found on the Rio website: Spey Central - One-Stop Resource for all things Spey | RIO ...they test nearly every rod on the market and reccomend lines, it's a good place to start.....I fish the Erie tribs with a Sage ZAxis 7110. For swinging I use a short (20ft) skagit head, 8-10ft tips of T8 or T10, mono running line (I use 40lb Trilene Big Game, very cheap)...for nymphing I use a Rio 6/7 switch line...the longer rod is nice for big mends, but a 7wt is about at the upper limit of what I would want to fish single-handed

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