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    Default Good spey rod for stillwater bass

    Dan and I like different casting strokes for sure. I'm a bottom hand caster for sure. Skagit will still go very far and I've seen some guys really bomb some casts out with a skagit line. But, you mid belly spey is going to do it more consistently. Either cast is fun. Steve godshall could custom cut a scandit which is a combination of both of them. Another line that will handle some heavier flies is the ballistic vector line (from what I hear). You will just have to do some research.

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    I have a 14' 9 weight that I could sell you for a reasonable price... Would be a great rod for a mid belly or skagit.

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    Default Re: Good spey rod for stillwater bass

    Now I just need to crush YouTube for spey casting technique videos. Already seen a couple. Most people say to get a casting lesson for spey, I honestly don't think it looks too hard from the videos. I'm sure its difficult to get everything perfect, but I don't have any fears about learning it all on my own.

    I have been using undersized rods for most of my fly fishing years, and it has allowed me to figure out distance casting techniques on my own. I discovered the technique of hauls and double halls on my own before I even knew it was a real thing.

    I think theres a lot of advantages to using an undersized rod, makes you learn how to get the most out of your casting.

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    I appreciate the offer on selling the rod, but 9 weight is a little above what I'm looking for. I'm mostly fishing for largemouth so I'm deciding between 7 and 8 right now.

    I currently have a 906 and 909 Backwater Diamondback rods, so I want a weight I don't have yet.

    Again, thank you for offering though, nice to see stuff like that on the forum.

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