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Thread: Echo SR 4106

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    Just purchased this rod 10'6" 4wt got a great deal due to newer model (2013) being updated in a different color and they shaved some weight off the cork composite on the grip. I was looking for some recommendations on what size reel to match. If I go Lamson litespeed or guru should I go with the 3 or 3x 3.5? I have a scandi 240 compact head for swinging wets and soft hackles to trout and for indicator fishing I have a few lines to try on it when the rod arrives. Basically I have heard through surfing the web that the general consensus is that most recommend sizing up the reel a size or two. Any thoughts on the two reel options aforementioned for this rod?

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    Hi Nickel,
    I have an Echo 'Dec Hogan' 11' 9" 4wt spey with a 300gr Scandi Compact and I've been using a Hardy Marquis #7, while the reel is just a bit on the small side, it does the job.

    I just picked up a very nice used Orvis Battenkill mid-arbor V (5) that I'm strongly considering putting on this spey rod and the Marquis would go back on a 6wt streamer rod where it was before. The Orvis is almost identical in width, but maybe 3/16 to a 1/4 of an inch larger in diameter and will fit the 300gr line perfectly.
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