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Thread: Spey Line Weight question

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    Smile Spey Line Weight question

    I have an eight weight DT line (SH AFTMA) that I know weighs in at around 210 grains for the first 30 feet of line. When I'm casting this line with 30 feet of line out, it essentially at the recommended grain wt for a 3 or 4 weight spey rod, right? As I add length, in 10 foot increments, it looks like I'm adding a rod size with each 10 feet. So, if I use this line on a 7 wt spey rod, I need to be casting somewhere around 60-65 feet of line to get optimum performance from the rod. If this logic works, does it also apply to the other longer belly lines that for optimum results you need to match desired casting distance with rod size? Or, am I over-thinking this?

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    Haven't delved into long belly lines as of yet so I'm not any help as far as what your asking, but as far as a 4wt spey line recommendation my Decho 11' 9" 4wt takes a 300gr line.

    I mainly fish Scandi lines with poly leaders and/or Skagit lines.

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    I'm no expert but 65' is a lot of line to be setting up casts with unless you have a 15' rod. I don't have any light Spey rods but all of the lines I use need plenty of grain weight from 55 - 70 belly's. Otherwise I'm just trashing around doing all the work while my rods take a break. With what I have learned about this style of casting I wouldn't try to use a regular DT line unless I had a very light Spey rod.

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