Hi Jason,

I'm not sure if we can get into the lake at the cabin tomorrow. maybe Thursday, the ice is still there. A good wind from the North West would break it up and send it down the creek but other wise it just has to melt and break up on its own. It's a very late spring here.

I talked to Larry the 75 year old barge man who services the upper yetna river area tonight 'Tuesday'. he told me that a big ice jam had just let loose today on the upper SuSitna and had sent more huge ice flows down the river. His advice was to wait. These ice flows can be the size of house trailers when a big one comes. of course you can see them but many smaller ones get rolled under by the currents and pop up whenever & wherever they can.

All in all it creates a dangerous situation for small craft on the big rivers. I'll wait for an all clear before we head out there. it's hard enough this time of year to keep alert for the trees and stumps that are part of runoff waters but the ice bergs............ heck they made movies about boats hitting them.