Hey Guys
I had posted this in the Reel section...but got no traction....so moved it here.

I have leads on getting the above reel. It is basically new. I would like to put it on my as-yet-unbuilt 13' 7-8 Spey rod. My intention is to be in the Skagit/Rampage 540gr line weight range (man, I talk like I know what I am talking about....I don't...HAH!).

Does anybody know much about this reel? I have basically Googled my face off trying to find reviews but the best I can find are breif notes from St. Croix on this. The 'guy' selling it says it easily has capacity to fit the line (and backing) I am shooting for as the reel is rated as a 9/10.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

King Joe Outa Here!
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