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    Default open up with a question

    hey everyone im new to this forum so I figured i'd start with a question. this winter im looking to add another to my quiver and my two options as of now (im sure it'll change many times before I decide) are either the G. Loomis pro4X 7/8 or the g Loomis stinger 12'6 or 13' in the same model. Has anyone tested these rods or own them? what's your opinion? thanks all!!

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    im open to other sticks as well. what's your favorite spey rod?

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    Default Re: open up with a question

    to the forum....can't help you with the rod but others will

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    Default Re: open up with a question

    thanks man

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    Talking Re: open up with a question

    First, welcome to the Fora, but do go back into your User CP and put in your location. Many answers really are 'locationally specific.'

    As someone who fishes a 2hander 98% of the time a curiosity question: Why the toss up between these two rods? Bye the bye I've cast both and liked each, but I'd choose one over the other given the fishing conditions and personal taste in rod actions.

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    I'm gunna hafta to agree with fred on this one, two different rods. If it was me I'd go with the stinger, and throw scandi lines to atlantic salmon, or rage comp in the great lakes tribs for steelhead. I liked the stinger, because I tend to use underhand casting techniques, this is a fast rod best suited for scandi work, it will throw skagit lines, however I believe the pro 4x would be better suited for skagit given the deeper flex. Are you going to use more scandi? skagit? traditional? where are you fishing? and for what species? these are the questions you need to ask. Both are nice rods, but one will prob be better than the other for you depending on these details.

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    the toss up between the two rods is that I've tried the stinger but not the other and I was wondering what people thought of the two. im a scandi caster but I would like to start tossing a traditional someday when the conditions let me. and my target species is steelhead with the occasional salmon. thanks for the welcome's all

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    Welcome to the forum! I used to own a stinger 7126. I'm a scandi guy, myself. Aside from my custom, that was my absolute favorite rod! If you're going to get a rod for scandi, that's definitely worth the look. A 450 scandi compact by airflo @ 33' or a custom SGS scandi around the same grains is awesome on that rod. I've also cast a delta, zpey sinking scandi lines, mulitple tips combos. People say to use a skagit for big flies, but in my experience, the 450 can throw some pretty good sized meat. When I get the chance, I will own another stinger, or something similar. If you have any questions, need any line ideas, feel free to ask.

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