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Thread: Pacific Salmon on the fly

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    Default Pacific Salmon on the fly

    I just wanted to share my joy with you folks! Indulge me.

    I went to my little spot on the Upper Rogue last night targeting Steelhead with a black and white fly that an old friend had tied for me last year. I had notice that with this fly, a few of the hookups that I had received were very different than what I expected to get with Steelies. Rather that fast and furious, they were strong and purposeful.

    I had a hunch they could have been Salmon grabs. Last night I put that hunch to the test. The time came during the course of my evening when I experienced the strong, purposeful grab I had felt in the past. Rather than letting the fish set its own hook with the frantic "Steelie Sprint" that I have come to know and love, I set the hook myself with a strong pull.

    After about 4 minutes of fighting, I was able to land a beautiful 22", 7lbs native Salmon hen!! My first Salmon on the fly!! I can honestly say that I almost cried with joy. I wanted to kiss that fish. Instead, I took the (barbless) hook out and revived her to her former glory. I wish I had pics, but no such luck. Only the movie in my mind.

    She left as strong as she came. I think I left a little stronger

    Awesome night!!

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    Default Re: Pacific Salmon on the fly

    Thats Awesome!! Steelhead are mighty/beautiful fish that arre an absolute joy to catch and fish for. However, theres just something so special about catching a salmon in the top of the water column, fish that have been running since the last ice-age, its a glorious thing!

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