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    Default MOW tips for switch chucker line ?

    Hi !

    I'm waiting my new Redington switch rod, and soon, I'll order the switch chucker line 7 wt.

    I'd like to use some streamers this winter in a big river in Spain for brownies. Is MOW tips is good for switch chucker line ? What lenght I need ? (it's a 300/400 feet wide river).

    Thanks, and Happy new year for everyone !

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    Default Re: MOW tips for switch chucker line ?

    I use a 7wt Sage one Switch rod with the switch chucker line.
    I use 10ft floating thru type 3 and 6 up to a t-14 tips. I haven't use MOW tips at this point. I don't have issues tossing small streamers, 2-3 inches, it gets tough on he larger streamers, 6-8". I'm fishing for Lake run Browns and steelhead. The Browns like Large streamers, especially in really cold water.
    Depending upon on how deep you need to get/how fast the water is I don't think that 10ft tips would be an issue.

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    Casting large streamers is all about having a fly line head with enough grains per foot. If the switch chucker line isn't cutting it you could try a line with the same head weight but in a shorter length.

    For instance, the #7 switch chucker line is 465 grains over 25' for 18.5 grains/ft. The skagit max short is 450 grains over 20' for 22.5 grains/ft. That extra 4 grains/ft makes a difference.

    This is assuming lines with minimal tapers which appears to be the case for both these lines.
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