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  1. Default Switch rod for steelhead and smallies

    Thinking about getting a new rod for michigan steel and lake st clair smallies. I'd like to get a switch rod, but don't want to be over powered. If I was getting a normal rod it would be an 8 wt. is a 6 wt switch equivalent in casting ability. I plan to throw indicators and eggs for steelhead and clousers and crayfish imitations for smallies.

    Would also like to take to Montana when I go home to fish the missouri. Am I asking too much from one rod? My regular rods are 5 and 7 weight.

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    Default Re: Switch rod for steelhead and smallies

    4/5 should suffice

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    Default Re: Switch rod for steelhead and smallies

    Yes, 4/5 should be enough and have better feel. 5/6 will give you more lifting power for bigger flies and the wind.
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    I'm also looking at a switch rod for steelhead in Michigan. I'm no expert, but I know enough to comment that I believe a 4/5 switch rod is too light for Michigan Steel, especially if you're talking about fishing Steelhead on the PM, White, Betsie, etc. If you're throwing hollow core lead rigs typical of MI Steelhead indicator set ups, you're going to want a beefier stick to throw that set up, stack your mends to run your long indie drifts, and land double digit steelhead. If you're fishing Lake Erie tribs, steelhead alley, that's different. In that circumstance, a 4/5 switch will get it done for you.


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    Thanks for the feedback. Yes looking to throw indicator rigs on the Pere Marquette or big m. As well as big clousers on st clair in the wind. Sounds like a 4/5 is too light. 6/7 about right?

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