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    Default Scott and Winston Rods

    What are the thoughts of you two-handed folks with regards to the Scott and Winston"long" rods?

    We all know Sage has a huge following and Loomis makes great two-handers as well. I have not heard much from or about Winston two-handers and the little that I hear about the Scott two-handers, folks love them.

    This is my small problem that I'll have to get over; I do not like how all Winston rods are one color and the looks of the Scott are so so. However, that new Radian looks SEXY!

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    Default Re: Scott and Winston Rods

    I have fished both Scott and Winston rods (SH) for years. Lately, I have moved to all Scott, both SH and DH. Looks are only skin deep and the rods are excellent performers. The Scott family has the added bonus of two price levels, the L-series and the T-series. I own 2 Ls and 1 T. The L-series is half the price of the T, but are among the best performing rods I have cast. The T is a great one too, but if I were paying full price, I doubt I would spring for the top line. Buying them used opens up some great values.

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    Default Re: Scott and Winston Rods

    No experience with Scott but own 2 Winston 15' rods. They are old Derek Brown Specials, I use the 15' 7 weight more than the 11 weight because there isn't much need for the heavy rod. My understanding is that even the new Winston's have a more traditional action suited to long belly lines. I use a 66' belly on the 7 weight and could easily change to an 80' this year.

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