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    Default They do bite....

    Saw this on another forum. Thought it was worth sharing.


    “If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago.”
    ~Zane Grey

    " . . . shouldn't a man stand on his own two feet and catch his own steelhead? Maybe put out some effort and find his own fish just for the fun of it?"
    ~Syd Glasso

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    Default Re: They do bite....

    That sure makes me want to fish BC!!!

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    Default Re: They do bite....

    Great video, music not so much.

    I had the fortune to live on the Nehalem River in Oregon, where hogs also occur, and caught a 60 pounder one year. I didn't even know I had it on for a couple minutes; I thought I had snagged bottom (It was only the 3rd biggest fish caught in the river that year! I think the biggest was over 70 Lbs). Anyway, when a big Chinook is on your line, there is nothing to do but hold on, like the guide says.

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