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I'm trying to make my own Skagit head for a small ultralight rod (7'6" 3wt). I've tried the OPST 150 grain commando head but it feels too heavy. With the 25 grain floating tip it comes to 175 grains and 17'. I'm using the forward ends of cheap WF lines to make the heads. The trick for me is to get the best weight/length combination. The weight is pretty easy, I can tell when it feels about right. I'm not sure about the ideal length, however.

Suppose you had a given head weight, 150 grains for example. What would be the differences between a 15' 150 grain head and a 25' 150 grain head?
Your ability to manage it with the 7-6 ft rod is my first thought. Add a leader and tippet to 25ft of skagit and that sounds like a guaranteed train wreck on a small creek single-hand short rod. A 25ft head is almost not even a skagit head in reality.

Already mentioned, but Ed Wards vids demonstrate what this tactic will and won't do. I suspect you've already seen them. The heads are very compact for a reason.

If this post came off as "negative", it was not my intent. It's actually a tactic I would like to try on the "correct" water if I could find a rig to borrow.