2021 - Wild West Show


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Well I got back from my June 2021 - 10 Day Wyoming Fly Fishing Trip. Not much of a show by me, but all of the trout and cutthroats were the stars this year. Along the way, I saw beautiful country that I love, a number of animals as a bonus and even caught some fish. I started out each day around 7am and fished to noon or a little after. Temps were in the mid 70's each day, so I got lucky. I checked the water temps every few hours and to give the trout and myself a break, I took a break each day and fished the last couple hours to keep everyone safe.

Started out at the ranch in mid-Wyoming and then onto a new little stream with wonderful brown trout and a few rainbows mixed in. The X 486 did a wonderful job on this day with my hopper - dropper rigs.

I then used the Dart 476 on the high country brook trout stream that I found last year. I saw a couple of little herds of elk and a couple nice mule deer bucks that were growing their racks.

Moving down to the medium sized river I fish a lot, I took out the Sonic 590 and One 690 to go after some larger Rainbows and Browns. I spent the night like I always do next to this spot and had a blast on trying out the drag on my reels.

Next, I had western Wyoming on one side of this range for Bonneville cuts and then over the top for Colorado River cuts with the One 490. Along the way, I ran into a Shiras cow moose that lucky for me did not have her calf with her, otherwise I might have had a problem.

I caught some nice brown trout on the Green river with my new to me One 691 and X 597, which both worked great for larger hopper - dropper rigs and double indicator rigs. I really like the Green river, since it was a place my grandfather used to take me over 40 years ago, when I was a young boy (I think I had brown hair back then and more of it, I will have to check some old pictures).

As I always do, I always have to scout some new water each time, which is always fun on the driving down dirt roads and doing some hiking. I wish that I could just go out to Wyoming for a year straight (Maybe when I retire).

In the last few days, I caught some Snake River cuts and then moved onto Yellowstone cut territory in NW WY. I had a wonderful time with my GS 884 and X 486, fishing for cutthroat and I got into some nice fish along the way. I had my bear spray on, since I have had some interesting experiences in the past that I was glad I had it. Lucky for me, no bears this trip.

I love catching those Yellowstone cuts a lot. They always fight dirty to me, compared to the larger rainbows that jump out of the water and take big runs. The larger browns seem to be like a 55 gallon drum on my line, but the Yellowstone cuts wrap me around branches and rocks then take the current and are gone on those creeks I fish for them on. It is great since the water is normally clear and I at least get to see them, if they break off. One of the larger cutthroats had some serious wounds on it's back. Probably from a bird of prey earlier in it's life.

I have seen a few posts about folks talking about the temps or low water, which is going to cause them to not go fishing or think about canceling trips. It is my hope that everyone of you gets outside this year to enjoy what I just did. It never matters to me if I am in the driftless or out west, I love to be outside. I don't even need to catch a fish, just seeing the Mississippi river valley with my hills or the rocky mountains in Wyoming is enough for me. It can all be taken away so quickly in our short time we have here, so get outside and enjoy. Take Care
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Thanks for the report and pictures. Makes me want to leave early for my trip in August!


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Hey W&P you have a way with words, your narrative makes your adventures entertaining to the reader. Good stuff man, thanks for sharing !