3 Man Fishing Raft SmithFly Pro grade w/ guide upgrades, Convertible Trailer - $4350


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Most versatile flyfishing boat I own. I have too many boats and not enough room, and am guiding less.

All materials and components are Zodiac / top end whitewater raft or ISUP style quality; this is not a toy.

Raft is easily car topped by 3 men, but my price includes a great trailer that can be run as a tilting flatbed, or with the box as a utility trailer, and you could add a simple frame on top of the box to put the raft up there.

When designing my raft build with the owner of Smithfly, Ethan Smith, I suggested the breakdown frame option. At first he wasn't too interested, but came around and it is now a factory upgrade. I believe this raft is the first model sold with that breakdown option, so the frame can be separated into 3 easy to store or transport pieces. Sawyer composite breakdown oars, with spare.

We customized the 4 rod Rod box with full length 'fly mat' to breakdown as well, and the entire package has been thoroughly commissioned and setup for wilderness use. It has proven to be a tough and extremely comfortable and maneuverable craft - the only boat I've ever been in that you can fly cast all day long sitting down. Note that since these photos were taken, I have upgraded the seats to top of line Tempress with a QD mod for more comfort and quicker take down.

Pickup in Minneapolis or potential delivery between MN and SW MT. Can add or delete trailer, your choice. It is a tilting 8' flatbed with a demountable box. If I keep this rig I would build a longer rack to fit either right on to the flatbed, or to put on top of the 3' high box to carry gear in box and raft on top, or perhaps a shuttle bike or dirt bike, etc. Just too many boats...

Here is the raft on the website - we have some additional and upgraded features on ours:
Big Shoals Raft – SmithFly

Picture#21 on the Smithfly Website is this exact raft on the beautiful S. Fork of the Flathead, Bob Marshall Wilderness NW Montana. This is a great craft for remote/wilderness or non ramp accessible water.

Some Media and Reviews:
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Flies with attitude: Big Shoals Raft (early) review.


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