8-9-10X tippet???


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i was roaming around on the internet looking for information about fishing in north GA and western NC when i ran across a suggestion from a really good fly shop n NC to consider using 8x and 9x tippet. Fishing Forecast and Stream Conditions | Davidson River Outfitters Huh? Say what? I dont think i ever heard of such a thing. i have been carrying around the same spool of 6x so long the label has nearly worn off, and i am sort of barely aware that 7x exists. Then i wondered: does anyone make such a thing as 8 or 9x tippet? Rio? Nope. Not on their website. Trout Hunter? OMG, they sell 10X tippet in flouro although i do not see the size in mm or breaking strength.

Show of hands?! Who uses 8-9-10x?


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7X became an item in my part of PA. in the early 90's sold by Umpqua. I spent a whole lotta time fishing some very tough spring creeks and never had need for anything tinier that 7X. That was tricky enough when you got a surprise fish.


I'll use a good bit of TroutHunter 6.5X and 7X fluoro from now through next spring. I have a spool of 8X, but stopped carrying it around after never using an inch of it.

The 10X is for aquarium fish. Neons are VErY leader-shy.


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I have enough trouble seeing and tying 5x. I am thinking it won't be long before I am going to have to stick to bass and salt water, just for the heavier line.


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Came across this thread while net searching for a "gag" stocking stuffer gift for my fly fishing son. We're going to see who can land the biggest fish on 10x tippet.

But anyway, there are very different opinions on the matter. I got 2 rather different opinions from 2 different members of the US National Fly Fishing Team. First said he often catches even small wild fish in competition with 5x tippet, but virtually never goes smaller than 6x. The other said 6x is basically the heaviest he'd use, he uses 6.5x and even 7x when there are large fish present, and often 8x when he doesn't expect much over 14"-15" max or more typically 7-12". He feels the advantage in invisibility to fish, less drag, and quicker sinking of nymphs is worth the occasional breakoff, but then he's a professional fish fighter.

I personally don't have enough experience to know. I have caught a 15" fish on 8x though, and usually fish 6x.

Anyway, I'm going with the TroutHunter 10x and see if it's usable. I kind of think they only make it as a conversation piece, just to get the word of mouth and shock appeal on the fly shop floor.


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I've often read and heard directly from various fisherpeople and guides that you must use 7x in a few of our crystal clear, high pressure fisheries. I always laugh, then I use 5x to the first fly and 6x to the second on those waters. 5x is a bit too tight going into #20 and smaller flies, so I still use 6x for that. I even use 5x to #18/#20 dries to those fish, in slow moving water, with no issues.

After a lot of experience, I feel there is no sense in over playing large fish on light tippet and when I went with the approach of the heaviest tippet I could use instead of the lightest I could use, my catch rate increased.

The line diameter cutting through water is for pros who can't use split shot. If they could use split shot they would, it's the best tool for the job.

People toss streamers with 4x but you must use 7x with nymphs in the same water? :unsure: 🧐 As Flava Flav said back in the day...Don't believe the hype!!

I kind of think they only make it as a conversation piece, just to get the word of mouth and shock appeal on the fly shop floor.
Agreed! Unless you are catcing baby goldfish :D

dr d

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trout hunter 008 - 009 - 010.i´ve them stored and tested because of tricky graylings...

but the buoyancy is ridiculous: 0,8 - 0,5 kg...(n)

meanwhile i retrust my steelon 008/007 with 1,9/2,8 kg . that´s my lower limit.

have fun.



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south of Joplin
Back in the '70s I fished a lot of clear still water for trout with 7X being about the largest tippet that would get hits and some days 8X or 9X would get bit a lot more often than 7X. You learn never to lift the rod to set the hook. IIRC the 8X was ~3/4# test and 9X was ~1/2# test, so the big drawback was in having to exhaust the fish or break it off. In those days of 'put & take' we ate them all so the exhaustion was kinda standard.
I would not recommend lighter than 5X for any catch and release fishing.

edit> I'll add that not all tippet is as small as the label suggests one company lists the diameter of 10x in mm that would convert to ~8X by the standards.