A Japanese Winston IM6


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I really enjoy fishing Winston IM6s, especially ones built on Loomis blanks. My latest addition is a 3 piece, 8 foot 4 weight. Lovely rod, and as advertised, a little quicker than the two piece, TMF but I would not say drastically. Although my TMF is a Winston blank, but I digress.

The previous owner told me that the rod had been made for the Japanese market. There is a stamp on the sock that he thought was an indication of its Japanese heritage. It is interesting that as I line it up alongside some other IM6s, the cigar grip is a also little shorter than the other ones from the same era. The grip is very comfortable and feels nice in my hand.

Enclosed are some pictures of the grip vs other IM6s and of the stamp on the sock.

Has anyone else come across a rod like this?