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ed from bama

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south Alabama
Good afternoon to all-
We'd been getting some suspicious rattles from the top of old van when we'd drive here lately- not that we drive it much any more, but suspicious sounds must be investigated.
It seems that the old kayak carries which I had affixed to the luggage rack of the van so many years ago have started to come loose. And in fact some parts had come loose and lost themselves, so...
I removed the kayak racks- we transport our kayaks in the back of the pickup these days- and I stored the racks away in the back of the tool house.
As I removed the kayak racks, I thought back on the places I'd taken kayaks for fishing on those racks. Countless local trips to the beach and the bayous and lakes. Trips to the Florida Keys and other trips to the Everglades, trips to the redfish capital of the world- Grand Isle, Louisiana- and trout streams up in the Ozarks and the Smokies. I even transported kayaks to the hellish wastes of Arizona ( actually, there's some gorgeous kayak fishing water out there) on the old racks.
But there comes a time it seems for all tools to be retired and put into storage for someone else to come along and re-use or toss out at some later time.
But, Lord, those racks were good tools.

Keep safe and be well- Ed