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I’ve got nice hemos and Loomis branded nippers and they fit perfectly into these premade sleeves that come on the harness of the Orivs sling pack. Its a nifty and elegant set up actually. Then I’ve got these other nippers, cant remember where I got them. They are loose, and depending what flys I am using, I will either just put them in the fly box or put them into the zippered pocket on the front of my waders. Or even just my shorts or jeans pocket. (yes, they’ve gone thru the wash) I just put them where ever I’m going to need them. “These are loose.” I told myself. “It’s dumb to use them because you know you’ll drop them in the water sooner or later” “Look at that nice set up of you already have. Don’t you want to use your nice stuff?” Anyway, I just can’t seem to get rid of them. They always seem to be siting around where ever I am going to need them next. I do like the Orvis nippers however, and I can see they are on the near horizon.