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Many who were not here ten years ago wouldn't know this so I'll share some forum history. One of my first functions beyond moderating discussions was bringing on advertisers. I targeted fishing tackle businesses. Unless I'm mixed up it was me who prepped Justin Allen and then put him in touch with Sofi Wolfstrom who used to be our advertising business manager. There were many fishing tackle businesses back then. We ran banner ads for them, heck I even had advertising banners here in 2010 and 2011.

Unfortunately one by one all our paying accounts moved on with the primary reason being lack of return on investment. Constant questioning about the country of origin of their products and occasional snipping at products slowly drove forum supporters away. That's how we ended up with Google Ads here or at least that's my take on how things went. Even recently when the French fly rod company with the unusual name (Banana Rods) ran a trial advertising account with us they were met with nothing but ridicule over the name they choose for their business, notice they are gone.

I'd love to have Simms, Patagonia, Sage and many others running banners and making offers here but we would have to refrain from pointing out where we can buy waders at half the price or that the Cabelas rod works just as well for $149.99

I read all the posts about the ads and I think about how many times I have had to delete posts from Matt Taylors advertising threads that were downright nasty. Same with Allen back in the days when many reels came from offshore sources......... Deerfield Rods never sold a stick here neither did the French company and on and on.

I'm sorry about the Google Ads I truly am. I'd start pitching some tackle companies this week if I believed our membership would support them or at least not post in a hostile manner about advertising partners.


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Thanks for your efforts Ard. Tough crowd here ... :)

I'd happily pay $20 a year for a forum as good this without the ads.

(I am a "commercial sponsor" of an Aussie fly forum even though I rarely post ads for my services: I pay ~US$100 a year because I love the forum. It has no intrusive banner ads.)