Albuquerque, Moab and Blanchard, Idaho


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We will be traveling to Blanchard, Idaho the end of May with stops in Albuquerque, Moab and Boise along the way. I will only have one day to fish and rest in Albuquerque and Moab so need recommendations close to west of Albuquerque and anywhere near Moab. I will visit my son in Boise who has that area covered. I will be in Blanchard for a month so am very open. Return trip will be the same course in early July though I may be able to spend a little more time in Moab and/or Albuquerque. Primary interest is fishing in the Blanchard area.

Any recommendations for unguided or guided fishing?


el jefe

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Albuquerque, NM
There isn't much fishing west of Albuquerque, unless you want to fish some lakes. But if you are going from Albuquerque to Moab, and you take the most sensible route, you are literally going to cross right over the San Juan on the highway. Why not fish there?

A couple of things to watch for, though. You are right smack in the middle of runoff season, so any freestone streams are going to be dicey. Being a tailwater, you will get protection from runoff on the San Juan; HOWEVER, make sure you check the planned releases on the San Juan for your targeted dates; a schedule will be posted closer to that time. They do a spring flush from the dam, and the river becomes deadly if you are not prepared, and in any case it's tough fishing at that time. You can go fish the new side channels created by the flood, but that's not what people are looking for when they go to fish the San Juan.