Alma/Fairplay Colorado


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Will be in that area in late June and Ive carved out a day to hit the Dream stream. I will also have a few days to myself to venture out and fish. Looks like there are loads of creeks in the immediate area of Fairplay and was wondering if they are worth checking out vs just fishing the South Platte around the Fairplay area. Also, how is access to the various waters in that area?


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hopper dropper fishing for browns
and dont forget the bug spray....all of south park area including Tomahawk and Dream Stream is absolutely inundated with mosquitoes that time of year. I use Simm's bugstopper hoodie and gloves and a buff...they swarm in clouds... be prepared. ...
also, be careful of afternoon thunderstorms,,,,dont go too far from car if clouds start to form....
BTW, Alma, I believe, is the highest (altitude) incorporated town in the USA.....
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Great State of Texas
Just to add a few things:
You also have Badger Basin SWA (South Fork & Middle Fork) and Spinney Mountain SWA near Harstel.
Some access is free, some is self pay, so carry correct change. Do a google search.

Dream Stream can get crowded. To avoid the crowds get there very early, and/or fish late in the afternoon.
It can also be windy, very windy at times.
Sometimes you can wet wade by the end of June.
Bring your small flies #20-#26 midges, tricos, bwo, and caddis. My favorite dropper is a graphic caddis.

The Chaparral General Store on #59 near the dam access to Spinney Res. usually has a good supply of flies and Rob, usually has good intel on what is working.

I am jealous. Until the covid slows down, I am staying in Texas.
Good luck and post a report.