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south Alabama
Good morning to all-

So this morning after I let chickens out and checked the garden for any partially ripe tomatoes, I felt a need to see if I could lay a line on the water and fool a fish. So I took up my little 3 weight and fly bag and headed to the neighbor's pond. We. my neighbor and I, have a bargain, don't you see- I bring him eggs from our hens and he lets me- and only me- fish in his little spring-fed pond. It's a good bargain. I suspect he eats a lot more eggs than I catch of his fish. These are the smartest- and biggest- bluegills I've ever found. There are also some decent bass in his little pond.
So this morning, I could not decide which type of fly I would use. I love the no-doubt-about-it strike of a fat bluegill when it takes a popper or gurgler- that's just a lot of fun. But I also like to cast a small streamer or other slow-sinking fly and watch for the little "tap" and sideways line movement of a sneaky bream bite. and I tend to catch bigger bream on the sub-surface flies. So I tied on one of my ugly as sin streamers that I put together when it's raining and I can't go outside. My flies tend to not resemble anything much in particular, but I have seen insects on my windshield that I hit at 80 mph that sort of resemble my flies. But sometimes fish will eat them.
So I got to the pond and started fishing. There was no wind, and I could see fish movement in the shallows. The little bass- this pond is full of 1 to 2 pound bass- were making life hard for small fry in the weeds, so I cast alongside the weeds and moved the streamer back. It took maybe a half-dozen casts, but I saw the water move about 6 feet away from the flP1430153 (2) resize.JPGP1430154 (2)resize.JPGP1430158 (2)resize.JPGy and then I could see the wake of the bass as it charged and took the streamer. Not a huge fish, but his heart was right, and he fought as hard as he could. I released him and felt good about myself.
Then I made my way to the trees where the water of this pond drains out in times of flood. I cast under the overhanging limbs- and didn't even leave the fly in the branches for once. I let the fly sink, and then sure enough, there was that subtle, very small movement of the line as the leader came tight. And then the big old dark bluegill and I had a little tussle. I won this round.
This bluegill was a fine, dark, humpy-headed male, and he would have been a good fish to keep with about six of his kinfish for a fry, but I promised my neighbor I wouldn't keep any of his fish, and I always keep my promises when it comes to fishing. At least, when I have no choice except to keep them.
I admired this fine fish, and then let him run back to his home under the trees.
Not trout, and not redfish, and not especially big fish this morning, but it seems that it was just about enough time on the water and working on fish to get me through another day.
And I still don't know if I like a topwater fish or a sub-surface fish strike more. I reckon more research is needed.

good day to all- Ed


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South Florida
Awesome. I literally have snook off my dock and I drive the tamiami canal for panfish. They are why God made three weights! If you want an easy to tie and no fail blue gill patern, it's the Briminator! It's is the best pan fish pattern on the planet short of a rubber spider or small popper.

#8 or #10 hook
A gold bead
two strips of gold tinsel
One, count them one, partridge feather.

Put on the bead.
strip one half of the fuzz and tie a tail, like a wooly buger.
Tie in two strips of tinsel
Dub in the other half of the fuzz to form a body ( again think wooly bugger),
Snip the stem.
Palmer the the rest of the feather, tip back, take two or three turns like a soft hackle.
Tie it back with a couple of turns so the feather lies backwards. You want it not to float, but to undulate.
Whip finish and you are done faster than I typed this.
Fish in very slow strips.
Good luck!


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Marthasville Mo.
I cut my fly fishing teeth on big bluegill and smallish bass. You would be hard-pressed to have more fun doing anything else.