Another museum-type collection just landed

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It’s less than a week since we bought and sold a lovely antique leather creel, and like buses and policemen along comes another. This one however has a fine assortment of antique tackle including many other rarities with it.

Looking through the images, only a fraction of what we bought, you will see brass winches with folding handles. One is very rare: a W.B. Gowland Late Farlow reel in super original condition. To the right, there is a stunning wooden Nottingham collar fitting reel with a spindle drum core. A few D. Slater patent reels are included, various creeper and bait tins, a Medina articulated brass fish, early Gazette pike bung, and floating pike trimmer with the owner’s name inset to the rim.

Gadgets are and always have been popular with collectors. As standalone items they are great, and many are used for decoration to set the scene for reels and rods. The Hardy Wardle fly glass is a favourite of mine as it comes with the original card box. The little zinc bait boxes are inexpensive but when I turned the smaller one upside down, I spotted the trade label of E.F. Spicer of Birmingham, famed naturalists and taxidermists, making it more interesting. Did the creepers catch a huge trout or pike?

And finally, on the left you will find a delicate little tapered horn beaker or tumbler with two leaping salmon over a fly. A Scrimshaw type of engraving and a fine early object to own.

Keep an eye out on the Thomes Turner website for these items and many more. There are probably 100 pieces in the collection so it will take only a few days to appear.

If you have a similar collection, please get in touch. We are constantly looking to buy quality, interesting and volume vintage and modern tackle.

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