Another Unnamed Dee


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An unnamed Jean Paul Dessaigne original Dee fly. The fly was noted in John Shewey's Spey Flies and Dee Flies. I had to do some improvising as the dressing details were not called out.

The most eye catching detail on the fly is the wing. They are center tail slips from the Greater Argus. The Great Argus, Argusianus argus, was named for the many eyes-like pattern on its wings.

Some Greek Mythology for today -

ARGOS PANOPTES was a hundred-eyed giant of Argolis in the Peloponnese.

Once when Zeus was consorting with the Argive Nymphe Io, his jealous wife Hera appeared on the scene. The god quickly transformed her into a white heifer but the goddess was not deceived and demanded the animal as a gift. She then appointed Argos Panoptes as its guard.

Zeus sent Hermes to surreptitiously rescue his lover. The god lulled the giant to sleep with his music and slew him with his sword. From this conquest he earned the title Argeiphontes "Slayer of Argos".

slaying of argus.jpg

Hera rewarded Argos for his service by placing his hundred eyes on the tail of her sacred bird, the peacock.

The male Greater Argus is one of the largest of the pheasant family at over 6.5 feet in length. This pheasant's natural habitat can be found in the jungles of Borneo, Sumatra and Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia. The patterns in the feathers are mesmerizing and the courtship display is truly remarkable.

greater argus.jpg


Hook - Partridge Harrison Bartleet 1/0 blind eye with 30 lb dacron loop
Tip - Small silver oval tinsel
Tag - Yellow floss
Tail - Yellow gp breast
Butt - Black ostrich
Body - Large silver flat tinsel, white and blue angora dub
Rib - Small silver oval tinsel over the rear flat tinsel section and large silver oval tinsel over front dubbed area
Hackle - Bronzed blue schlappen
Throat - Brown heron sub
Wing - Greater Argus center wing slip
Cheek - Jungle Cock
Head - Black thread with chartreuse banding. Loon UV cure over top.


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Columbia, MO
As always, a great looking fly. And being a fan of Greek Mythology, I really love the story.