Ard's blog site, a treat to read.


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Wasilla / Skwentna, Alaska
Glad you found your way to it Fred, did you find the articles about counting fish and tracking the Kings? I wrote them to try to help people understand how intense the efforts to manage the fisheries are here. They are full of photographs of operations many folks don't get to witness. The people from F&G actually used them in presentation several years ago saying that they were better depictions of processes than they had on hand. Neither the website blog or the one I keep here on the forum are meant to be advertising, they were made to share aspects of what things are really like here where I live and fish. The forum blog contains over a hundred entries with many about winter and how things get done at the cabin on the lake.

Incidentally I can approve this redirect post because I'm actually a business member of the forum ;)


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beside the AuSable River in northern Michigan

You're absolutely correct about Ard's blog. Thanks to the aforementioned blog, I'm allowed to wander/fish Alaska vicariously, which is about as close as I'm going to get in the near future. My oncologists get a bit nervous when I wander that far from home.

At any rate, +1 to Fred for bringing up the blog, and a BIG +1 to Ard for feeding my wanderlust. Kudos to you both...

Jerry, aka hairwing530
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