ASF RIVERNOTES and other ASF News - Apr. 25, 2014


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News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation

ASF RIVERNOTES on latest river conditions
The river ice is breaking up, creating its own problems for the Miramichi angler. And news on salmon angling at Newfoundland’s Terra Nova National Park.
ASF River Notes | Reports on salmon runs, research field work and other matters of interest in the world of Atlantic salmon

The Complexity of Counting Atlantic Salmon
An article in Newfoundland delves into the decisions being made as tight resources are shifted to count salmon in areas where they may be threatened.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Counting Salmon Complex

Atlantic Salmon Jigging leads to Hefty Fine
Protection of wild Atlantic salmon requires vigilance of all anglers on rivers – and a court that takes conservation cases seriously. Certainly in Newfoundland the courts take it very seriously, indeed.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Jigging Salmon Leads to Hefty Fine


Land-based Aquaculture Makes Big Splash This Week
This is a big week for land-based aquaculture, with four major stories at the same time.

Live Blog - Next Tues. and Wed. (April 29, 30) ASF will live blog an International Conference on Land-based Aquaculture. The first posts should be up, with photos, by 9:30 AM. Check in regularly on the two days to read and see what is happening. The Live Blog will be at:
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Blog - News for Members

Canada’s First Land-based salmon hits the market – Kuterra salmon, grown at the Namgis facility on Vancouver Island, is reaching retail markets this week.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Canada's First Land-raised Salmon Enters Retail Market

Washington Post Delves into Land-based Salmon Farming – A major article this week in one of the U.S.’s major newspapers is focusing attention on the land-based research being carried out by the Freshwater Institute and ASF.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Researchers Test Practicality of Tank-farmed Salmon

Cause of Closed-containment Failure Probed in Nova Scotia
Meanwhile, Sustainable Fish Farming (Canada) Ltd., a NS company, suffered the loss of near-harvest salmon due to an electrical issue now under investigation. Read more:
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Cause of Failed Closed Containment System Being Probed