Assorted Fly Lines

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Placida, FL
$60 for all with free shipping OR individually as listed below (plus shipping). PM or post here with your zip code for a shipping quote. For reference, most of the time I can ship one or two lines just about anywhere in the US for $4.50 or less (First Class). Priority Mail runs $8.45

Some purchased new, others came with reels that I bought or traded. All are in good useable condition, no spool or box unless noted. Unknown lines’ sizes were determined/estimated by weight (30’)

1wt - SA AirCel WF1F (olive green/pale yellow, loops on both ends) – Was told it has never been used $15
8wt - Unknown make/model WF8, ~75’ (emerald green, loops on both ends) $10
10wt - SA unknown model WF10F (grey, loop on leader end) $15
10wt - Unknown make/model WF10F (orange/fl orange, loop on leader end) $10
10wt - Unknown make/model shooting heads (2) (dark green/grey, loops on both ends) $10 for both
12wt - Unknown make/model WF12 (yellow/black, loop on one end) $15


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