Bahamas (Turks and Caicos) fishing


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May have an opportunity to head down there late August/early September. Looking at T&C and it's pricey (or just sticker shock for me). Able to choose almost anywhere in the area and as an inexperienced bonefish fisherman, would rate a good guide above everything else. :)

Any suggestions or recommendations? I'm reading posts and getting a general idea but not a lot of recent activity (thanks COVID)


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Northwest Territories
My wife and I went to TCI (Turks and Caicos Islands, which are not part of the Bahamas, BTW) a few years ago, and I brought along a couple of rods to do some DIY bonefishing. I'd read Rod Hamilton's DIY bonefishing book and he recommends a number of spots on the main island (Provo). Beautiful wading, just not a lot of bonefish. If I were going there to fish I'd book a guide--they'll take you out in a skiff and find more fish. I don't have any to recommend, but you'll find some via google. That said, compared to some other places, TCI is not exactly lousy with bonefish. And yeah, TCI is quite pricey, at least by Caribbean standards.

Honestly, as an inexperienced or first-time bonefisher, I'd consider somewhere other than TCI. I've been to Belize three times and loved it (Turneffe Flats Lodge--absolutely top notch) and would recommend a lodge or guide there to anyone trying it for the first time. The Bahamas also has a lot of great bonefishing and many options for guides and lodges. Check out the various saltwater destination threads on this forum for some other ideas and recommendations.

Good luck.