Bannister, Barder, Hardy, Moran and Venables

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With a heading like this it’s not surprising we had immediate interest in a fabulous rod collection bought by TT this week.

You may remember a couple of weeks ago we bought 550 cane rods and bamboo poles in one collection.

Any sane person would think that’s it for a while, but NO! The busier we get the more we are offered and the more we have to sell.

This seller was moving abroad, and it suited him to move his collection of high end and never fished bamboo fly rods in one transaction. A hassle-free event taking a little over 30 mins from arrival to payment in the bank is our operating style.

In with the high-end Sage, Loomis, and Hardy graphite rods was a small selection of stunning bamboo cane fly rods from modern-day builders.

Two by our friend Edward Barder; one a Bernard Venables 8’ model, of which there were less than 24 made in 1997; the other a Limited Edition Barder Rod Company Anniversary rod No 4. In addition to this, there is the last Hardy cane rod built by Tom Moran, which was sold in the Farlow Pall Mall shop during the period when our CEO Richard was Chairman. All the above were bought and NEVER used. Finally, a Bannister hollow-built cane fly rod in tube finished the purchase.

We are VERY interested in buying similar rods from the UK, USA or European makers for our clients, many of whom both collect and fish them.

If you have a good mixed collection or just a few high end pieces please get in touch and let’s talk tackle.

[email protected]

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