Bead head prince nymph video


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Great job on the video! I like
  1. You start the video without any stories or long drawn out monologue
  2. Your tips are good
  3. You don't talk about unrelated things, you just tie the fly and explain what is necessary
Nicely done. Keep it up (y)

Small tips which maybe you (or someone can help) can fix:
- Focus was a bit blurry to start
- Did you mean to not put in a hotspot? Or is the brown thread the hotspot? I expected red, orange, pink, or other bright colored hotspot.
- I didn't see any info linking to the history of the fly like you said would be. I was glad you mentioned it and did not go into a long story about the history (although a mention of the creator and a sentence or two would not be bad to give them a shout out for their contribution :) ) but I was also disappointed to not see the information because some people will certainly want to check it out.