Become an Angler - Saskatchewan's Free Fishing Weekend is July 9-10


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If you have always wanted to try fishing as a new outdoor activity, your opportunity is right around the corner.

Saskatchewan’s annual summer free fishing weekend is July 9 and 10, when residents and visitors can fish in Saskatchewan waters without an angling licence.

Sport fishing is a popular outdoor activity enjoyed throughout our province,” Environment Minister Herb Cox said. “Free fishing weekend is an excellent opportunity for families, friends, residents and visitors of all ages to experience summer fishing in Saskatchewan’s beautiful environment.”

Regular angling limits and all other sport fishing laws remain in effect. All anglers, including youth under the age of 16, and seniors 65 years of age and older who will be angling on Lac La Ronge, must have a Lac La Ronge endorsement and harvest ledger. These may be obtained for free through private issuers, Ministry of Environment and select provincial park offices.

Please note that the Free fishing weekend does not apply in national parks, and anyone planning to take fish out of the province must purchase a licence.

More information about fishing in Saskatchewan can be found in the 2016 Anglers’ Guide, available wherever angling licences are sold, or online at