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south Alabama
Good afternoon to all-
I had about an hour before lunch and more importantly, before the next line of storms to roll through our area- it has been a windy, stormy spring this year- typical for the Gulf Coast.
So I grabbed up my three-weight and tied on a hopper pattern that has caught me bass on Ozark Creeks, trout in Arizona, and I figured it might just tempt some bream here on the Coast. I walked briskly over to the bream pond, and the big old humpy-heads were way back tight to the shoreline under the overhanding limbs. Hard for sa good fly-caster to reach, and almost impossible with my skills. I did get one to roll up and swirl under the hopper, but it missed.
There were smaller, but still pretty good sized- bream out eating some sort of bug that was hatching and flying up off the water.
If I made a good cast and let the bug sit still, these open-water bream would eventually come up and suck it down. these were not the bigger than had-size humpy-heads, but they were still full hand-size plenty big enough for eating size bream.
They liked the hopper fly just fine.
I cast to a few and caught a few, and then I figured it was time to go back for lunch, which turned out to be about a half-hour late for lunch. But I did beat the thunderstorms home.

You all keep well and stay safe-

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