Beginning Spey Tactics


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Marcus at the Ashland Fly Shop does an excellent 4 part series on beginner Double Hander tactics. Approaching a Run, Choosing Your Presentation, Wading Position and Reading Water

He's an amazing caster too. Well worth a watch. I'd say beginner to intermediate level stuff in here.



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Wasilla / Skwentna, Alaska
Hi Mike,

I actually watched these, many times I don't view videos because they seem to be either redundant or superficial to me. This fellow (on the other hand) touches on many things that I believe can and will be very useful to people new to streamer fishing. He mentioned in episode #1 that there are many people who have been doing this longer than he has and that would be correct. He however either learned from someone with a lot of experience or is a very thoughtful angler himself. I suspect a mix of those two things with the latter being prevalent.

So................ even though I am one of the older guys who figures that there isn't a lot I haven't seen or thought of this young man touches on many important points that should be of great interest to anyone wanting to see better results when using submerged flies. I'm actually going fishing tomorrow with hopes of finding a steelhead. No doubt there are some who came into the river along with the Silver Salmon although thus far I haven't made contact with any. As we march through September all but the late run Silvers will be dying off and this is very helpful to the trout / steelhead angler. When there are numerous salmon of different species spread out all over a river it is very difficult to find that lone actor (steelhead) that you would really like to connect with. From now until it becomes too cold to fly fish I'll keep at it and hope for another good year.