Best dropper knot for Euro Nymphing?


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Nice idea but I’m confused : how do you tie on the dropper to the line using a Palomar ? You’re not passing the doubles up line thru a hook eye such as the example in the illustration, so I’m trying to understand how it is secured to the leader . Thanks 😊
Sorry, I was away from the forum for most of the summer and didn't see your question until now. What I do is tie a long piece of tippet, maybe 3 or 4 feet, to the end of the leader. I tie the dropper fly directly into the middle of the tippet section with a Palomar knot, leaving a tag of 1 1/2 to 2 feet. Then I tie the point fly to the tag end. This allows you to change the point fly but not the dropper. If you change the point fly so often that the point tag becomes too short, it's easy just to add more tippet to the tag end with a surgeon's or blood knot and keep going. Compared to a more conventional dropper rig, it is quicker to tie and causes fewer tangles (because the dropper fly is tied in-line rather than hanging loose), but you have to cut off both flies and re-tie if you want to change the dropper fly.