Big feet and wader boots/flats booties


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Upstate NY
After years of struggling with slightly-undersized boots/booties on my waders, I ordered custom G3 stocking foots from Simms with size 16/17 booties to better fit my 16EEEE feet (which are actually more like 15.5EEEE)

I guess I jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire... I can't find any zippered flats boots or SCUBA boots to fit over them. Luckily, my felt-soled Simms Freestone boots in size 16 fit, but just barely. I still need something for saltwater. The size 16 NeoSport zippered SCUBA boots won't fit over the new waders.

Any ideas? I'll try to find a source of custom-sized wet suits and see if they can make something up for me but failing that option, I don't know other options other than spending the money on another pair of Freestone boots with rubber soles. And those wouldn't really be ideal for wading in the surf...


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Try looking for dry suit boots used for diving. I wear a size 14 shoe and have a hell of a time finding shoes. The Simms Freestones in a 16 work well with my Simms custom waders. I think the wader boots are 3mm. Maybe see if Simms has a 2.5mm bootie.

Another option are Converse Chucks, high tops.

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