Black Hills trip - 7/20 - 7/26


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I just got back from a camping trip in the Black Hills that included some fishing. My buddy Mike Warren ( and I were able to go fishing 3 mornings and each evening I fished with my granddaughter in the pond at Grace Coolidge Campground. The first two days we fished water that looked good but the fish weren't playing. On Thursday we found a gorgeous creek loaded with brook trout. It was a perfect Tenkara stream. Mike was using dry flies and I was using a kebari and it seemed every corner and ripple held hungry trout. I have no idea how many we caught but with the beauty of the stream it didn't really matter. Every evening I fished the pond with my grandaughter. On Tuesday she made a cast, set the hook and landed a fish (chub) by herself. Of course we had to go out again Wednesday evening and this time she set the hook on a 12" rainbow. As soon as the fish jumped Alison said: "It's too big Papa, take the rod." The rest of the week we fished every evening for about an hour. Alison was using a little 240cm rod.
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Good evening to all

dpnoll- Now that is what I'd call a totally fine trip. good for you showing the grand daughter how it's done. It all looks very, very nice.

good night to all- Ed