Black Spey


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Black Spey

A pattern from the foremost historian of BC Steelhead fly fishing, Mr. Art Lingren. Art lives and worked (retired) in Vancover, BC. He wrote several books

- Fly Patterns of Roderick Haig-Brown
- River Journal: Thompson
- Fly Patterns of British Columbia
- Irresistible Waters: Fly Fishing in British Columbia throughout the Year
- Steelhead River Journal: Dean

- Famous British Columbia Fly-fishing Waters

From Flytierpage -

"Coming off my fly tying vice in 1988, this pattern owes its origins to the Black Spey pattern listed in Arthur Knox’s book Autumns on the Spey (1872). It is one of my favourite floating-line flies for Thompson River summer-run steelhead."


Hook - Blue Heron #2
Tip - Small gold oval tinsel
Tag - Black floss
Tail - Red and golden gp breast feathers
Body - Black angora dub
Rib - Medium gold oval tinsel
Hackle - Black Whiting Spey hackle
Throat - Black ringneck pheasant rump and teal flank

Wing - Bronze mallard
Head - Black thread and Loon UV cure
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