Catch Monster Sea Trout of Patagonia!


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Juan Manuel Biott (patagoniaaustralff on here) is a resident and professional guide on the Rio Gallegos and surrounding area and has recently started his own tourism business: Patagonia Austral Fly Fishing. Juan is a local and has guided professionally for several years and knows the area and where the fish are extremely well! He takes groups of 1 to 3 but contact Juan by PM if a bigger group is required.

Juan is offering members on here really extremely good value sea trout fishing trips on the Rio Gallegos, big wild trout fishing on Rio Pelke and monster rainbow trout fishing on Jurassic Lake. Juan only hosts very small groups but check out the prices! (click on calendar below - to calculate overall price)

Rio Gallegos Sea Trout

1. Short program: 4 days/3 nights (closer beats)
2. Full program: 6 days/5 nights (possibility to fish all the beats)

Both programs includes:
• Meals during the day.
• Transfers to the fishing places .
• Drinks (water, beer, wine, etc.).

Not included on the price:
• Hotel.
• Fishing license.
• High quality drinks.
• Not mentioned transfers.
• Flies (you can get a pattern selection of the guide).


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If you are lucky enough to go please post your pictures on here!