Chasing the Taper


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I just viewed this today. It is a little on the long side but nicely done. I accessed it through Per Brandin's site. You can stream it from Vimeo for $20.00. The film details 6 rodmakers who have links to the classic makers of the past. Per Brandin, Dana Gray, Rick Robbins, Marc Aroner, Bob Taylor, Dennis Menscer. These guys that charge $3000 and up aren't exactly rolling in cash. It details the time involved for their method of making the rods.

The quality of the video is excellent. There is a scene at 48:48 of a fish rising to take a natural from the surface that is stunning. The background music, there is something for everyone. I thought Mozart's Requiem at the beginning was a little ominous.

One of the things the film focused on is that when these makers are gone, the craft dies with them. I don't find that to be true. Maybe their way of doing things will be gone, but not the craft. There are some young guys and girls (one that I am aware of) that are turning out some phenomenal work and pushing the envelope.
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