Clear floating, a review


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I've been fooling around with AirFlo Ridge Clear floating fly line for the last few months, specifically in stillwater.
Yes, it's hard for us to see, not in the air but on the water.
Yes, it just barely floats, but it's a very reliable floater.
Yes, it was expensive, ouch!!
Casts very nicely, no memory issues, but the BIG thing is I can fish a 9-10' leader for better casting and get bit like crazy in the shallows.

I'm convinced it's a superior stillwater floating line, based upon this year's consistent comparative results. I jumped in my friend's pool and looked up at it next to my AirFlo Elite, huge difference. Realized on my first use I needed to label the reels "floating" and "intermediate" because they looked so similar, doh.

Just something to consider.


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James, is the line kinda 1/2 weight heavier and does it make noise on the guides when casting?
I tried the same one if not similar one from airflo when I started.

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It seems to be the same taper as AirFlo Elite, longish tip and gentle taper, a 1' tip and 6' front taper.
I think, but don't know for certain, that it's a true weight line. That's just how it felt to me. My Zeniths have those small guides, and I didn't notice any noise when casting.
Apparently there are multiple lines AirFlo is making in clear, but since all my trout rods are 4wts I had only one to chose from. The package reads "tactical clear - WF4F"

Hope this helps.