Dave McNeese Interview


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A great interview of one of the most fascinating icons in the sport , Mr. Dave McNeese.

The best part is his recollections of Mr. Syd Glasso. He’s in the process of writing a book on Syd with never before seen pics of his flies. I'll be looking for it to come out soon. Check it out.
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Laramie, WY
When I moved to Salem, Oregon in May, 1980, Dave and the guys at his shop were some of the first people I met. All of my fly rods were eventually Dave’s custom builds either with Orvis, Sage or McNeese custom blanks (Made for him by Loomis Composites). I still have two of them including my summer steelhead rod and my 9’ 6 wt.

Sometimes I would be at work and get a call from one of his part time workers to let me know that they were having a “Dave’s Gone Sale.” PIcked up a couple rods that way.

I also still have some of his dyed seal and polar bear fur used for steelhead flies. One day a woman walked into his shop with a full polar bear hide that had been her husband’s trophy. Dave never told me how much he paid for the hide, but the stuff was beautiful and each square inch went for $4. Mostly he sold it undyed, but some he dyed into a wonderful purple that made super hair wing Matukas.

Good guy to work with and fun to fish with. He was the original Kamikaze wader and believed he could wade through any water as long as he ran instead of just walking tentatively.

Thanks for posting this.